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Become a Property Investment expert with property prosperity

7 Steps to Investing Like an Expert

With more people than ever investing in property, buying the right property, that will perform to it’s maximum potential, has never been more important. Everyone is looking for that silver bullet that will give them a competitive edge – this book is it!

Whether you are looking to purchase a home or an investment property, Property Prosperity will give you all of the information you need to avoid common pitfalls, make successful property buying decisions, and build a prosperous property portfolio.

Property Prosperity highlights common techniques used to trap and trick investors into buying unsuitable properties, and how to protect yourself.

In her refreshingly direct and honest style, Miriam has written a book filled with helpful strategies, models, exercises, and case studies. Property Prosperity translates common investment jargon into layman’s terms that any novice can understand.

Miriam is passionate about educating property investors to help them become empowered, financially secure and in control of their future.

If you only buy one property investing book this year, make it this one.

Invest like an expert - Property Prosperity


With a background in the financial services industry, it was purchasing her first property at age 23 which set Miriam Sandkuhler on the path to property prosperity.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. By making some costly but enlightening mistakes, which taught her more than any seminar, Miriam has built a unique breadth of knowledge which she now shares with corporate, SMSF and individual investors via her firm Property Mavens. Miriam has turned a weakness into her key strength; by learning the hard way what an ‘investment grade’ property is, she can teach you to see through the common pitfalls that hoodwink even the best of us.

An Accredited Property Investment Advisor (PIAA), Licensed Estate Agent, REIV member and award nominated Buyer Agent, Miriam walks her talk. With nearly 20 years of professional real estate experience in two different states, and having sold and bought many millions of dollars’ worth of property for clients, Miriam is well-versed at what makes a high-performing investment-grade property, and how to strategically build a sustainable and prosperous property portfolio.

Miriam’s Amazon #1 best selling book, Property Prosperity, is essential reading for anyone wanting clear, accessible advice on property investment in Australia. Packed with case studies, exercises and real-life experience and examples, Property Prosperity truly means everyone can benefit from Miriam’s extensive experience.

Property Prosperity - Download


Miriam has written a refreshingly frank and honest property investor bible in Property Prosperity, including a great tool kit to inform you of the risks and rewards when investing in this market. She is a property specialist passionate about the ‘civilities’ of fair play and she walks the talk. Thanks to Miriam, I am now armed with the essentials to get my portfolio

– Mandy Knight, soon to be Property investor.

As a chartered accountant with numerous investment properties, the greatest impact on me is that I can recognise some of the mistakes I have made from reading the commentary in the book Property Prosperity. I believe all property investors, even the ones with experience, should review the seven steps prior to making decisions, just to remind themselves of the process

– Greg Rozenberg, Taxation and Business Advisor

Now I know I’m armed with the knowledge to make a much better decision next time around. Property Prosperity is a must-have for anyone considering investing in property

– Jacqueline Pretty, Writer/First time investor

It’s always refreshing to hear the truth! Having been a Partner in a full service firm for many years I’ve seen the successes and failures of property investing. Miriam highlights the difference between sales spruiking and good old fashion independent advice. After reading Property Prosperity you’ll make your next purchase with your eyes wide open

– Michelle Griffiths, Chartered Accountant

An unbiased and honest opinion on how to buy investment property the right way, eliminate costly mistakes other people make, and not have the wool pulled over your eyes by people you thought were trustworthy. A must read for anyone wanting to get onto the property ladder, and unsure where to start. I will be happy to refer my clients and friends to this book, and Miriam’s service.

– Monica Van Riet, Property investor and Mortgage Broker


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Email: miriam@propertymavens.com.au


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